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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Update 2

Back in the post, Empty Pockets, I talked about what I carry with me daily. A lot has changed since January. Now I carry what some would consider less, and some consider more:

  • Phone
  • Notebook
  • Pen
  • Wallet
  • Occasionally my keys clipped to my belt
Now I've carried a notebook and pen only since my last post, Update, but it's become quite the habit. I am starting to get the naked feeling when I don't have it on me. I write down so much stuff in it throughout the day.

But that's the thing! I don't want to be reliant on items. I don't know if this just isn't the system for me, or I just need to get used to this. Maybe the fact that I have a notebook in my pocket is odd for me. Either way, I like being able to write things down. It's quick, personal, and efficient.

Next on my list of habits is to start an inbox system. My desk is like any other teenagers: cluttered. I declutter it frequently, but have yet found a system that I personally like to keep it clear. What I plan to do is to have a single "box" (I don't know physically what it will be yet) to put all incoming papers/items into. The habit itself is to go through this box completely every day so that it is empty by the time I go to sleep. This is going to become quite a habit to start; I need to break my bad habit of having a cluttered desk.

I like focusing on one habit at a time. It has given me the ability to focus on it fully. I am looking forward to these new changes in my life.

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