high school just got simpler

Sunday, December 5, 2010


You have probably been enthusiastic about something before. Used the right way, it can drive you to do amazing things.

An old quote that I like to live by is "Be the most enthusiastic person you know." If you go into something with a good attitude, good will come from it. Likewise, if you start something with the mindset of "This is going to suck," then it probably will.  

If you try to have fun, you most likely will! Get passionate about whatever it is you are doing. Whether it's volunteering at a food pantry, or doing chores. Make it fun and enjoyable. It's amazing what can happen when you create an enthusiastic environment. Morale is lifted, and everyone else doing it will enjoy it too.

Enthusiastic people make things go smoothly. They are driven, and are the ones who accomplish their goals. Find something to get excited about, and use that to drive everything. 

Enthusiasm is contagious. So be the most enthusiastic person you know.