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Monday, June 20, 2011

Disconnect and Be Present

Your computer and phone were initially designed to save time, let you connect more with people, and maybe even relieve stress. But actually, it is the opposite. Right now, reading this blog post probably isn't the sole purpose of why you got on your computer. You maybe want to check Facebook, Twitter, or watch YouTube. Maybe even read the news. I'm not going to say give up doing all of that, I'm guilty of it too. I'm saying don't do it just because it's there.

What I am going to tell you is to disconnect.

Turn off the internet when you don't need to use it. It creates distractions and essentially makes any task longer. If you absolutely need the internet, use the full screen mode or close your other tabs. This lets you focus on what you need to accomplish.

I hung out with some friends the other day, and when I got there, a buddy of mine was searching his car for his phone. I helped him out, but without any luck, we couldn't find it. He then called his dad to see if it was at home. It was, and my friend was relieved. I was glad and started to go to the ice cream shop we wanted to go to. He had a different plan. Not only did he say he felt naked without it, he went back home to get it. He then arrived 20 minutes after everyone else, when he was actually the first one there. Even though the purpose of him going out was to be with other people. That got me thinking even more about disconnecting.

People don't even need their phones with them 24/7. It's a waste. Turn it off if you carry it around. An even better idea is to leave it at home. I know sometimes it can be a necessity to have it on you, but that doesn't mean keep it on. Turn it off instead.

How often do you go somewhere with the people you care about just to have your face in your phone talking to people you aren't with?

Turn it off and focus on the people you're with! Appreciate the moment you are in. Be present and not miles away talking to someone else. That text, Facebook and Twitter can wait, and so can you.