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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Documenting My Simple Life

This summer, I'm going to implement everything I've read, agree with, and have always thought "I want to try that sometime." I'm not saying I don't live simply, because I do. I have learned over my "break" from writing that since I wasn't writing, I started to revert back to a complicated lifestyle. My room started getting messy, I had more stress, and work was just piling up in my life.

My solution? I'm going to make a list of every topic, every idea, and every system I've come across in my journey to become a minimalist and have a simple life. My goal this summer is to focus on making my life more simple, and to document all of it. That way I will always have something to write about frequently, and it will make me think and prepare for other entries. Tomorrow's post will be of my plans. Meanwhile this summer, I will be writing my ebook. The only thing I will say about it is that it will be useful for all students even if they are not interested in "living simply." 

I will post once to twice a week sharing what I've done to make my life simpler. If something happens or comes up, I will post about it. 

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