high school just got simpler

Sunday, June 19, 2011


I didn't update like I wanted to. I have accomplished a lot since I wrote last. 
  • I read Zen To Done by Leo Babauta. This ebook is great. I am now trying the system out. It's about creating habits, productivity, and achieving goals in a simplified way. 
  • I decluttered much of my closet. I tore apart my closet and got rid of all the junk and trash. Now everything is in its place.
  • My desk has stayed relatively clear. I say relatively because I don't have an inbox set up yet. All of my "to do's" have piled up. That's one of the next things in the Zen To Done (ZTD) system for me.
  • I've started carrying around a small notebook. Instead of getting out my phone, going to the notes application, and typing, I now have a notebook to write my MITs and to do's. I've also started capturing ideas and the like in it. It's become useful and I hope to continue to use it.
I go to orientation this week for The Ohio State University. I'll get a good idea of what I will need in college, so I will be able to write down my list of everything I am bringing to college. I plan on doing the 100 Thing Challenge. I'm only bringing 100 things to college. I can't wait to start making the list!

I'll be able to update more frequently now that I have started ZTD. It consists of 10 habits I need to make, and I will record what I do.