high school just got simpler

Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Simple Summer

My summer plans have grown exponentially over the last couple weeks. I have a 40 hour per week job babysitting and a bunch of things I want to do. It has become so overwhelming with my plans, my parents plans, preparing for college, hanging out with friends, and my friends plans that I have no "time" do just take it all in. So I broke it all down and summed it all into simpler plans.

My current summer plans/goals:
  • Construct another blog
  • Write an ebook
  • Write everyday
  • Vacation with my family
  • Babysitting
  • Climbing
  • Work on personal goals/habits
I feel that most plans are limiting. I still have a few things here and there I have scheduled. For example: I am going rappelling in late June. But I don't have anything scheduled that will take up a vast amount of time. I am now free to work on goals and habits. I am also free to schedule last minute things. I can also do more routine things like working out, or going climbing. Not only did I free up my commitments, I removed future stress from my summer.