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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Empty Pockets

At least everyday at school, I get hit in the hallway. Not by a person, but a purse. A huge, bulky, ridiculously large purse. I am used to it. It happens all the time. But recently, it got me thinking...

Why do we carry so much stuff?

We want instant gratification, and I think that having everything with you satisfies the need to get that instant gratification. Usually, it's only girls that have a million things with them, but now a lot of guys do too. Why do you need all that stuff?

Having all that "junk" is a burden. Not only does it literally weigh you down, but it also creates a burden, or weight, on your life. You become so dependent on what you have that you forget where you are, what you are doing, or who you're with. Here's a short list of what a lot of people carry every day.

The short list:

  • Phone
  • MP3 player
  • Headphones
  • Wallet
  • Purse (with make up, grooming items, lotion, tissues, etc.)
  • Pens/pencils
  • Watch
  • Keys
I used to carry all this, and sometimes even more. I felt so comfortable with having all of these items with me that forgetting one would make me feel awkward. 

Right now, these are in my pockets:
  • Phone (Just able to call/text and take pictures. No internet or email.)
  • Wallet
  • Sometimes my iPod (Usually during times when I know I'm going to drive)
When I drive, I will grab my keys, but only when I need to drive. Sometimes, if I know I will be out for long periods of time or will need it, I will grab my iPod. Sure I have some gadgets like a laptop and a digital camera. I only take those with me when I know I need them. 

So, what do you have in your pockets?

Put each item to the test. 

Go a day without one of them, and see if you needed to use it. If you carry a camera all day, but never use it, why bother carrying it around? Then think if you actually have to use it everyday. If you don't actually need it, but it's a habit of wanting to, then try to go without using it.

Lifting the weight of possessions off your shoulders during the day relieves stress, and helps you live in the moment.

It's a great feeling to be burden free during the course of my day. 

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Carson Marshall said...

This is very true.

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