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Friday, January 14, 2011

Use the Rush to Your Advantage

The scramble at the end of the day. Traffic. Road rage. Crowded parking lots. Wouldn't it be great to leave school with no driving stress, whenever you decide to leave?

I arrive at school at 6:45 in the morning. I get a good parking spot, and can easily take my time to get to class. I am there when my friends arrive. If I am running late one day, I know that I still have plenty of time to get there.

But the afternoon is another story. School ends for me at 2:10.

My "After School" Routine:
  1. Go to my locker, drop off my stuff.
  2. Go to the music wing and pick up my violin.
  3. Talk with friends along the way, taking my time.
  4. Go back to my locker and get ready to leave. By now, the halls are somewhat empty.
  5. Most likely, I am talking with other people.
  6. Once ready, I head out the main entrance. The line to leave the parking lot has died down, but there are still people leaving.
  7. Get in my car.
  8. Breathe.
  9. It's now usually 2:30, and I leave. I get home in roughly 2-3 minutes, now that everyone has cleared out. 
Before I started this routine, I would rush out, and get stressed and frustrated by other drivers. I would end up getting home around 2:25-2:30. Now, I still get home around that same time. 

With all of this: I get home reasonably, am not wasting gas in line, and am road-rage free. 

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