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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

6 Gas Saving Tips

With high gas prices, summer can get costly. I have a car, so my wallet is feeling the strain of filling up my gas tank. I have a simple solution for this.

Don't fill up your tank as much.

That's easier said than done. Daily errands, appointments, and commitments can eat up a major amount of gas. Here's some simple ways to not use as much gas:

  • Combine trips. If you plan on going to the bank, grocery store, and drugstore this week, do it all in one trip. Instead of driving back home between stops, plan out a day to do all the errands. 
  • Carpool. If you know someone is going to the same destination, carpool to save money.
  • Ride a bike. Don't waste gas on trips across the street. Ideally you could ride your bike to work, but if that isn't realistic, ride a bike on simple trips. Going to a coffee shop to meet up with friends is a great time to ride a bike.
  • Walk. Walking can be very relaxing. If the summer weather is nice, a walk can relieve stress and offer a no cost solution to high gas prices.
  • Cut back on commitments. If you have a busy schedule, you will be paying for it at the pump. Cutting back on commitments can help eliminate trips and tank fill ups.
  • Drive slower. Driving fast uses a lot more gas than driving the speed limit. It seems pretty self explanatory, but in reality many people drive five, even ten miles per hour over the limit. Driving the speed limit can save you gallons of gas. Just don't rush, and give yourself a little more time to get to places.
I'm positive there are more ways to save money at the pump: rewards programs, gas cards, etc. You can easily come up with a few based on your own driving habits. 

What do you do to save gas? Let me know in the comment section.

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