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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

In 10 Years

While being a senior, I have filled out many scholarship applications. Most of them are the same question, asking why I need the money, what field am I going into, etc. But the latest one I worked on was different. The essay prompt wanted me to write about where I wanted to be in ten years. I don't honestly know where I will be in ten years. I just know that I will be happy when I get to wherever that is. I will have made many more goals between now and when I am twenty-eight. I do not know what those goals are now, but I do know that they will have to do with my education, career, and personal life.

When I first wanted to plan my future after high school, I wanted to join the military. I wanted to be an Aviation Survival Technician for the Coast Guard, or to join the Navy. Once I did that, I thought I was all set. Then I needed to undergo spinal fusion surgery, now I have metal rods in my back. Having those prohibit me from joining any branch of the military. After having that surgery, I figured out that even if I try to plan, or predict, exactly where I want to be later in life, I have to literally take “life” into account. Life will throw a curveball and you need to be flexible. Now, I generally plan short term, while thinking about what I want to be doing later in life. I will also make sure I take the necessary steps to get there.

For my education, I am going to college at The Ohio State University in the School of the Environment and Natural Resources and I plan to major in Forestry, Fisheries, and Wildlife. My long term goal for my education is to complete my Masters degree. But in ten years, I'll be twenty-eight, out of college, and on my own. It would be ideal if I were to complete a doctorate degree, but preferably after I've started my career and know in what direction I am heading and in what I should specialize.

In terms of my career, ten years is a long way off. Ideally, I want to work in an ecology based field, working in conservation and with wildlife. In 10 years, I'll probably be looking at a job in the Metro Parks, National Parks, or even zoos. I want to work at conserving habitats, species, and ecosystems. I could work for the Department of Natural Resources, or a firm, but I'd like to stay away from an office position. I want to be outside, working with the things I am trying to protect.

Simply stated, I don't think anyone can even predict as to where they will actually be in ten years. I know that I will continue doing what I enjoy. I would like to see myself continue to rock climb, camp, kayak, run, and everything else I enjoy. I can see myself backpacking across Ohio, or climbing Denali in Alaska. I can see myself surfing in the Pacific ocean or hiking in the Rocky Mountains. I cannot see myself sitting in a cubicle all day, or working at a fast food restaurant.

I still have to answer the question, "Where do I expect to be in ten years?" I see myself in ten years as just that: myself. As long as I know what I want to be doing, and how I am going to get there, trying to look that far into the future doesn't necessarily matter to me. I know that I am on the right track with my life, and I know what I need to do to continue doing what I enjoy.

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