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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Review 2010

The other day, I decided that I needed to reflect on the year. 2010 is coming to a close, and I've done some pretty important things.

A short list of what I've done:
  • Fully recovered from my spinal fusion surgery. I have scoliosis, and in October 2009, I had to get some of my vertebrae fused together, and got two metal rods inserted along my spine. After a year of restrictions, I am now fully recovered.
  • Cut out a lot of my commitments. I feel so much better now that I am not spending time and energy doing things that I don't enjoy.
  • Got back into rock climbing. One restriction I had from my spinal fusion surgery was not being able to climb. I am able to climb again, and I love it!
  • Started this blog! With over 500 views so far, and with only existing for less than two months, who knows how far this blog will get in the whole year of 2011.
  • Started a twitter. It's a great way to socialize and get information out.
  • Started a tumblr blog. I started it for my own personal use and documentation.
2010 was full of other accomplishments, and I know 2011 will be too!


Rob said...

Hey man, congrats on all those achievements! Sounds like you've done amazingly well over this past year :)

I too had an injury/illness which stopped me climbing for 18 months, but it doesn't sound as serious as yours! I'm hoping to really get back into it over the coming couple of weeks. Wish me luck!

Michael Faga said...

Thanks! Let's hope next year is as good, or even better!

Sorry to hear about your "break" from climbing, yours was definitely longer than mine. Good luck, and happy climbing! :)

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